Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu Simple

If you want,s Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu than follow these steps Low-calories foods are one’s which grown up for humans like vegetables and fruits, I have already explained this in losing weight with natural foods.

you have to start doing exercise daily which helps you in burn more and more calories.

But today we will talk about what are some best weight loss exercises and how to start doing those in your daily routines.

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Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu

Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu


Rope Jumping:

Most of us used to jump the rope in our childhood, I always try to win from my cousin but he can easily do 143 reps in one set…I just hate him at that time.

Well, It’s also considered as one of the best weight loss exercise because it can burn 800 calories in one hour…but if you are expert at it
Jumping rope is a high-intensity activity, No matter how many experts you are but at starting you have to do this only for 25-30 minutes and then increase the time…It’s perfect if you are looking for weight loss exercises at home.


you don’t like cycling and love to run in the nearest park then it’s a great opportunity for you.

According to a study running burns almost 600 calories per hour, and also helps you in pumping your heart at a healthy rate.

Before starting running you have to buy good joggers and also change your dress to trouser and T-shirt.

When you are running take a very short break after 1 round of 1-2 minutes and then start running on the track.

But when you are just starting, Only run for 15-20 minutes so you are not tired enough and will happily go for next day.After the time passing increases your running duration.

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